Technical Specifications - FPV Racing Torokszentmiklos Hungary

Technical Specifications - FPV Racing Torokszentmiklos Hungary

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FPV Racing Torokszentmiklos - Hungary

Maximum number of cells:  6S (25.5V)

Max. propeller size:  6 inch

Max. take-off weight: 1 kg

Max. size: 330 mm (diagonally, between motor-motor axes)

RC Link:Only digitally, 2.4 GHz @ 100mW or 868 MHz @ 25mw

VTX Performance: 25mW

VTX Frequencies: R1/R3/R6/R8*

Can be used with VTX brands: TBS, ImmersionRC, Rush FPV, Furious FPV, DJI (csak a DIGITAL FPV SYSTEM)

Antenna:Circularly polarized (linear antennas are not allowed)

LED: Minimum 16 RGB diodes, preferably in 4 * 4 layout. Adjusting the color should be quick and easy for red, green, blue, and white or yellow

ID Mark:Each model must bear the FAI Athlete License Number, which must be preceded by a three-character National Identifier (e.g., HUN1234567). Characters must be at least 6mm high

Timer tag: The model must be capable of capturing the KTS timing tag

Max. model numbers:3

Video transmitter antennas

Definitely proven, recommended antennas:

·        TrueRC Singularity

·        TBS Triumph

·        ProVAS Minion series

·        Lumenier Axii series

Popular but cheaper antennas:

·        Foxeer Lollipop

·        Furious FPV Air

The organizers reserve the right to disqualify based on the status of the models throughout the competition.

Event Specification

Timing: Absolute, with simultaneous start time

Evaluation:Based on DKO and CTA

Min. number of races per contest: 2

Max. number of races per contest:5

Min. number of test races 2

Min. number of laps per round:3

Rerun: In the event of a collision or before the second obstacle**

Complaints:DVR recording is required for all complaints

Results release:


* Mandatory channels for all pilots

** The obstacle in question will be marked before each race to avoid misunderstandings. In all other cases, the rerun will be judged individually

DKO (Double knock-out)

Qualification stage

The number of laps specified by the organizers must be completed within the given time. The qualifying ranking of the pilots is based on their best limit time on the races.

The resulting tie(s) will be decided on the basis of the second and, if necessary, the third best time. The goal is to qualify the number of competitors corresponding to the selected DKO type. If this is not possible, additional qualifying rounds will be held for non-qualified competitors until the required starting number is reached.

Knock-out Stage

The elimination phase can be handled in the following three ways:

A – 64 competitors will be selected in the qualification stage

B – 32 competitors will be selected in the qualification stage

C – 16 competitors will be selected in the qualification stage

The method of conducting it will be decided by the organizers based on the number of competitors, with the aim of allowing as many pilots as possible to take part in the relegation stage. Each race in the knock-out stage consists of a number of laps determined by the experience of the qualifying stage. Except for exceptional, unexpected circumstances, each race consists of the same number of laps. Rankings are determined by the time elapsed before the specified number of laps are completed.

Those who do not complete the specified number of laps will be ranked based on the number of laps they have completed (number of laps completed or laps not completed), with disqualified competitors finishing last. The top two will advance directly to the next round. In the event of a tie for second place, the qualifying result will decide.

Double Knock-out Stage

Unlike direct knock-out, there is the possibility of double knock-out, which affects third and fourth place finishers. This section is optional, the organizers are obliged to inform the participants at least one month before the event. This optional stage gives pilots who lose in the first round the opportunity to compete further and thus advance to the finals. In the double knockout stage, the third and fourth place finishers will be knocked out permanently.

CTA (Chase the Ace)

The final race is repeated until someone has at least two wins. The three remaining places will be based on the points earned in the final.

FAI License

How to obtain a FAI license for racing:

Price: 7,000 HUF / year

Of which: HUF 5,000 for MMSZ membership and HUF 2,000 for FAI license fee. With this, you are assured of all the announced DRH competitions and practices, and foreign competitions are mostly based on this.

Bank account number:

Magyar Drón- és Multirotoros Egyesült

UniCredit Bank 10918001-00000090-43060000

For transaction details please specify "Name" - MMSZ number, if there is any - "2020".

The following information is required from first registrants: Name, date of birth, address, telephone, email, pilot name.

If someone is already a member, then the MMSZ ID is enough in addition to the reference, or if something has changed, that data from the above (especially the mail is important because it also gets the FAI license for it).

Where to send the data: [email protected]

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